CSP welcomes additional physiotherapy training places in Northern Ireland

The CSP has welcomed the recent announcement by the Minister of Health, Robin Swann MLA, of a further increase in the number of physiotherapy undergraduate training places at the University of Ulster. 


Commenting on the addition of a further 10 physiotherapy training places being made available at the University of Ulster, Tom Sullivan, public affairs and policy manager for the CSP in Northern Ireland said, 'this is a very welcome announcement and comes on the back of a commitment for an additional 20 undergraduate places made at the end of 2020.

'The expansion of the physiotherapy workforce is essential in ensuring the delivery of the transformation agenda outlined in “Delivering Together”.  In addition, physiotherapists are critical to the recovery solution in Northern Ireland due to our unique transferrable skills, highlighted during the Covid-19 pandemic and in our key role in rehabilitation pre-, during and post-Covid-19.

'It is deeply regrettable however, that the current political hiatus - and the instability this has created - is having a significant impact on key transformation projects across the entire health and social care system.  This delay in transforming the system will continue to have a huge impact on patients health and wellbeing.

'We need to see the formation of an Executive and a functioning Assembly immediately. This will help provide the stability and long term funding required to address the many challenges facing the health system here not least the fact that we have the longest waiting times in Europe. 

'The CSP is urging our political representatives to restore the institutions now.  As healthcare professionals, patients’ health and wellbeing is our utmost priority and reform needs to happen to ensure that the best possible services can be delivered to those in need. This needs to be a priority for our political representatives too.'

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