Introducing your new student officers

The CSP has appointed two new student officers to support its student membership. 

Who are they – and how can they help you?

Kristen Potter-Price 

Kristen Potter-Price
CSP student officer Kristen Potter-Price

Hi I’m Kristen, I joined the CSP in December and I am the student officer focusing on student engagement, helping you make the most of all the benefits CSP membership has to offer.

I have worked in student support and community development over the last 15 years at various higher education institutes (HEIs) in the UK and have been lucky to work with so many brilliant student teams, helping them to develop their connections and careers.  

My experience at the CSP so far has been really inspiring. I’m in absolute awe of what I’ve seen student members achieve and the innovation and integrity with which you continue to face challenges. Working with the Student Reference Group, physio societies and professional and diversity networks I hope to help you begin your path in to physiotherapy in a way that suits you.  

I grew up in Birmingham but have lived in Bristol for 10 years. I really love city living but get down to the coast as often as I can too, so I’m looking forward to visiting lots of HEIs to see how you’re getting on. I’m always happy to hear from students so if you have any ideas or questions don’t hesitate to get in touch!   

 Daisy Goodall 

Daisy Goodall
CSP student officer Daisy Goodall ​

Hello, my name is Daisy and I am really looking forward to starting my new role in student recruitment! I’ll be focusing on recruitment materials and providing a welcoming experience for new members.  
I worked with students in a previous role as staff support for the Young Greens, the youth branch of the Green Party. I’m excited to get stuck into student life again - the CSP’s focus on providing continuing professional development opportunities and helping students to develop their careers really interests me. 

Student creativity

Having experience both of volunteering at various organisations, and of coordinating volunteer activity, I would argue that the enthusiasm and ability of students to run creative events and deliver impactful projects is unparalleled.    
I grew up in Brighton, and studied at the University of Bristol. I also have family in Leeds, so I’m a seasoned cross-country traveller. I’m really looking forward to visiting universities and meeting you all! 
I play five-a-side football, and it was great to be able to walk into the office and get some first-hand advice from a physio about a recent ankle sprain. I also love festivals, hiking and youth hostelling.  
A confession – I remember having to say a few things about myself in an icebreaker at sixth form on the spot, I panicked and said I played the trombone, and it turned out someone else in the class actually did play it. So, I’m relieved that I had some time to think about this one!  

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