Recruiting Associate member support workers to represent you!

This month was #HeartUnions Week from 14-20 February - an annual event brought to us by the Trade Union Congress. 

The CSP celebrates HeartUnions week

HeartUnions is an important event in the annual trade union calendar, where we celebrate the historic and contemporary wins of western trade unionism: from the weekend to the eight hour working day.  

HeartUnions week is an annual TUC initiative that celebrates and strengthens trade unions by recognising the power of working people to effect real lasting change. Like most trade unions, the CSP had a programme of activities this year to celebrate HeartUnions.

CSP organisers developed ‘organising clinics’ this year – to reach out, connect and welcome new reps to our trade union. Often, when you first start out as a rep, it can be daunting. It’s good to meet others in the same situation, share ideas and support one another.  

This year CSP organisers will try to recruit more Associate members/support workers as stewards and safety reps. Right now, we need to address the lack of our Associates within our voluntary roles – we need you!

And we believe we have a lot to offer you as Associate reps, like award-winning training and paid time within your current employment to undertake your reps duties.  

Please be in touch with to get more information on becoming a steward or a safety rep as an Associate member.  

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