CSP calls for rehab boost as part of NHS recovery plan

The CSP has welcomed plans to tackle record NHS waiting lists in England – but called for rehab provision to be boosted tooto tackle huge demand.

Elective surgery waits to be slashed under new rules

The NHS Elective Recovery Plan was announced on Tuesday. It detailed how waiting lists would be cut to under a year and diagnostics within six weeks, restoring them to pre-pandemic levels by 2025.

Plans include increasing NHS capacity with a list of reservist health workers and setting up a network of 100 community diagnostic centres. Extra surgical hubs that concentrate on high-volume routine surgery will be created outside major hospital sites.

These will be paid for by an extra investment of £8billion over the next three years.

CSP chief executive Karen Middleton said: ‘This plan is obviously very welcome for the millions of people waiting for surgery for far too long in often excruciating pain.

However, it is also important to recognise that surgery won’t be successful without providing patients with rehabilitation, too.

‘Both go hand in hand; whether it’s provided to get someone in the best shape before surgery or afterwards to ensure they can leave hospital, avoid unnecessary readmissions and make a full recovery.

‘Additionally, this plan does nothing to address the huge demand for rehabilitation not related to surgery among people living with long-term conditions who have struggled to access services during the pandemic and now also require additional support as a result.

'We urge the Government to recognise this and ensure these services are not overlooked.’

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