View the recording of the CSP West Midlands RN event: Promoting and advocating for Diversity in the West Midlands

The CSP West Midlands Regional Network delivered a special event on Diversity in the region in November 2021 to showcase what has been achieved at a national, regional and local level to make diversity goals a reality.

Kuvy Seenan, Head of Equality and Inclusion for NHSE&I Midlands presents an overview of the system’s reporting requirements and strategy. Providing an insight into the future of the diversity governance infrastructure and how that will have a positive impact on workplaces.

Shajeda Ahmed, Director of People and inclusion, North Staffordshire NHS Trust & ICS Lead presents a case study on diversity at her Trust to showcase what ‘good’ looks like to give members inspiration and ideas.

Waheeda Aadam, The CSP’s Equity, Diversity and Belonging Co-ordinator, presents on the CSP’s Diversity strategy process and what this means for the Physiotherapy profession going forwards as well as how this approach dovetails with the healthcare system-wide approach.

Following the presentations there is an interesting discussion with the delegates including shared experiences of racism in the workplace and the detrimental impact this has on staff and what needs to happen to change the culture. This event is a springboard session for an emerging peer-to-peer network on Diversity in the West Midlands.

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