Reflective Practice Workshop for FCPs in the East of England

Staff from the CSP East of England team hosted an online virtual writing retreat for First Contact Physiotherapists (FCPs) from the East of England on 11 September 2021. 

The session was organised in response to demand from East of England based FCPs and was a three-hour online writing retreat that was designed to:

  • Support FCPs to build confidence with reflective writing
  • Support FCPs in taking their first steps with reflective writing
  • Support HEE FCP Roadmap portfolio development.

The workshop was delivered by Helen Harte, CSP Professional Advisor for the East of England, and was based upon sound academic theory to support reflective writing. The session was a blend of group content and short bursts (pomodoros) of “cameras off” writing time. 


Before watching the recording please note that this is an edited recording of the live session that took place in September 2021 with participants. Recording was paused at intervals to give participants time to write. It was also paused when breakout groups were taking place and personal reflections were shared. Therefore, although the recording gives a flavour of the workshop with useful advice and exercises focused on reflective practice, it will not give you exactly the same experience as those who attended live. We hope that it is helpful nonetheless.  

The Mentimeter polls mentioned in the recording is closed so please disregard them and simply write down your answers independently.    

You will need:

  • Access to a quiet space
  • Pen
  • Paper/notebook

AGENDA​ (live on the day)

  • Brief overview of reflective writing at Level 7 ​

  • Goal setting activity for the morning ​

  • Short comfort break followed by “warm up for writing” activity ​

  • Pomodoro 1 (25 minute writing block) cameras off ​

  • Cameras back on: “How was that?” debrief ​

  • Becoming more critical with writing ​

  • Stretch, tea & biscuits ​

  • Pomodoro 2 ​

  • Small group reflection and discussion ​

  • Future planning



Helen Harte, CSP Professional Advisor of the East of England, shared the slides linked below during the event.  

Reflective Writing Slides

Are you an East of England MSK Champion? ​

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