CSP launches new First Contact Physiotherapy career guide

The CSP has developed an FCP career guide which explains different development routes to First Contact Physiotherapy (FCP) or musculoskeletal (MSK) advanced practice roles.


FCP services position highly skilled MSK practitioners as the first point of contact in primary care, enabling them to provide early expert intervention for patients and allowing GPs to focus on the patients who need their specific skills.

The CSP's new FCP career guide provides essential information and scenarios about these roles - whether you’re a student, a qualified physiotherapist or an advanced MSK physio – as well as guidance that is applicable to wherever you are based in the UK.

Hayley Downey, CSP campaigns and regional engagement officer, said:

It is never too early to start planning for a career in primary care, so if you are interested in becoming an FCP or advanced practitioner this resource will be of great benefit

‘The country-specific guidance will also help you to explore different career paths into FCP across the UK, depending on your current level of practice.’

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