Virtual studies

With many students starting (or returning to) university, it has never been more important to find ways to connect with your peers, lecturers, and the wider physio community.



#PhysioStudentTips for studying remotely  

  • Buddy up in small groups and share info / ideas. Make sure not to miss sessions because they’re online, treat it as in person. @PureSports01
  • Stay in contact with friends/ lecturers to share concerns & provide emotional support for each other. @NabilahPT
  • Reference all your study tasks - you may need them later. Listen to podcasts - great way of accessing research.  @SLiddle10
  • Find what motivates you to get through the hard stuff and let yourself enjoy the good stuff. @chloedooley99
  • The new normal can seem scary, but utilise it’s positives! There are a lot of free resources and courses online to help you develop skills as a practitioner! @corrinnupton1
  • It can be overwhelming to navigate physio’s multitude of disciplines. I recommend annotating your Frontline magazines to highlight patterns in your interests. If you find a contact or network that interests you don’t be afraid to actively engage. @beaphysio_
  • Remember there is no such thing as a stupid question. It can lead to a better understanding of the subject. Also look at social media and find relevant society pages as this can help to hear from students in other years. @iemeryptstudent
  • Try and find people on your course to study with, even virtually: people have different strengths and it it’s the best way to prep for exams and clinical experience! @BroomEPhysio
  • Organise coffee meetups to chat and discuss outside the lectures in small groups… Perfect your end of zoom wave. @physioback

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