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The August issue of Frontline is out soon.


Learning and development

This month’s cover feature highlights new approaches to student placements, in the wake of Covid-19. It explores how professional teams, educators and the CSP can work together to provide a wider range of placement opportunities and make up for the placement hours lost during the pandemic.

Rachael Bailey

An inspiring route into physiotherapy

We also profile new physiotherapy graduate Rachael Bailey, whose experience as a patient inspired her to change career and train as a physiotherapist, after she removed from Guillain-Barre syndrome.

CSP's professional networks - past, present & future

The August issue also includes an informative article about the history of the CSP’s professional and diversity and equality networks- and how some of them professional networks have responded to the pandemic with information and support for their members.

See all of this and more, including views and opinions from other members and the latest news from the regional and professional networks, in the August Frontline.

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Thank you to everyone who has contributed and been involved in putting this issue together.

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