CSP celebrates 100 years of its Royal Charter 11 June 2020

On this day, exactly 100 years ago, the CSP gained its royal chartered status, so today we are encouraging members to celebrate and mark the occasion by sharing the hashtag #CSPcharter100 


On the 11 June 1920, King George V granted our Royal Charter, in recognition of the society’s high standing and its respected education and professional standards.

As such, we would like to say 'Happy Charter Centenary Day' to all our members and encourage you to mark the day by sharing the hashtag #CSPcharter100

An important milestone


CSP chief executive Karen Middleton said: ‘Marking 100 years of our Royal Charter is important. The profession has come a long way since 1920 and it has shown how it can adapt and evolve.

The next 100 years looks even brighter to me and I am filled with optimism about what we will achieve.

CSP chair of Council Alex MacKenzie added: ‘Whilst we had hoped to be celebrating the centenary of our Royal Charter with representative members at ARC, it is still an important day in our profession’s history to mark.

‘In many ways, what could mark it better than the way this profession has stepped up and responded in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic? Here’s to the next 100 years.’

Charted status and the power to govern


The Royal Charter granted the CSP the power to award its members with chartered status, an honour that continues, to this day, to be recognised as a valued indication of commitment, quality and professionalism.

The society’s purpose, constitution and powers to govern were also defined and set out in the Royal Charter, and as a result CSP is still governed by its Charter, statutes and bye-laws.

For more information about the centenary of our charter visit: www.csp.org/charter100

Below is a photograph of the first page of the charter, signed by the King on the 11th June 1920, and the full document can be viewed online


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