PPE guidance: CSP continues to advise members not to compromise their own safety

Last Friday (17 April), Public Health England released guidance on the use of PPE in extreme circumstances, including the potential re-use of some items. The CSP is clear that the guidance on which PPE to use has not changed: the new guidance should only be used if there is an extreme shortage of PPE locally.


Jim Fahie, CSP assistant director of Employment Relations and Union Services said: 'The CSP hopes this latest advice will never be used, however we would encourage trusts and health boards to engage with trade unions locally to discuss and agree robust contingency plans to mitigate the risk of inadequate levels of PPE and how to deal with it should PPE levels become low.'

We would remind all members to use the risk assessment process locally, seek advice and support from clinical leads and organisational health and safety officers as well as involving infection control teams to support the decision-making process.

The safety of our members and their patients remains a top priority.

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