Promoting training for CSP safety reps

New CSP safety reps will have the chance to receive a TUC-accredited certificate, following its launch at an induction course last week.

Another group of CSP safety reps trained and ready to help improve the health, safety and wellbeing of members in their workplaces

Previously safety reps were only able to receive a TUC award, worth six National Open College Network credits but they will now have the chance to obtain a certificate worth 15 credits, by completing a post-course activity which will involve them carrying out a workplace inspection, explained CSP trade union training officer Helen Russell.

CSP health and safety officer Donna Steele added: ‘This is a great opportunity for safety reps to be awarded the certificate and means that they will now receive the same level of learning accreditation as CSP stewards.'

The CSP offers induction courses to its new safety reps four times a year and stewards seven times a year, which not only equips them to do the role but also gives them experiences and credits, which they can use as part of their continuing professional development.

More information on the role of safety reps

CSP chief executive Karen Middleton, who attended the training, said: 'This was a great insight to the work of these volunteers. My biggest learning was that work places that have a trade union are twice as safe as those who do not.'




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