University offers free CPD anatomy update for practice educators

Physiotherapy staff at the University of Leicester (UoL) have developed an initiative that aims to increase engagement with local educators by offering them free continuing professional development opportunities.

The University of Leicester’s medical school dissecting room

Last month, the university’s physiotherapy course team, led by Simon Barry, provided a free CPD anatomy update event to practice educators from University Hospitals Leicester, Leicester Partnership Trust and Kettering General Hospital.

The event was held at UoL’s dedicated medical school dissecting room, which provides access to a range of cadaveric and plastinate material.

‘On the day 30 MSK practice educators attended for a three-hour anatomy update session,’ Professor Barry said.

‘The session was supported by a digital workbook, which was available on wall-mounted iPads. The workbook was designed to guide, question and challenge participants as they reviewed a range of professionally prepared upper and lower limb cadaveric prosection specimens.

‘Plastinated specimens were also available, which clearly demonstrated all the major joints and allowed participants to see and feel arthrokinematics in action.’

Gaining a visual perspective

Nikki Baker and Simon Barry in the medical school dissecting room

Following the event, one of the attendees said the day had provided an opportunity to ‘refresh our anatomy and get a good visual perspective on human MSK anatomy for those who had not had the benefit of access to a dissection lab in their training or working life.

‘It was the enthusiasm and expertise of the physiotherapy and dissection room staff who really brought the experience to life. To have a meaningful exchange about the tissues, hunt for specific structures across the different models and appreciate how differently these all can be positioned and therefore present in our patients, was very valuable.

‘I would urge all staff, however experienced, to take the opportunity to visit in the future if the chance would be available again.’

Further opportunities


The session was hosted by Professor Barry and fellow members of the UoL musculoskeletal course team, Dale Cooper, Nikki Baker and Seth O’Neill.

The team have previously led similar events for students on other UK physiotherapy courses, who do not have access to a dissecting room.

And physiotherapy course providers who are interested in arranging for their staff and students to visit the UoL for an MSK anatomy update can email Professor Barry.

In addition, qualified staff who are interested in attending a cardio-respiratory focussed anatomy update,  which will be held in the dissecting room on 15 January 2020, can contact Charlotte Carter-Lang for more details.

Building links

Commenting on the scheme, CSP professional adviser Pip White said: ‘This is a great example of a university building innovative links with local physiotherapists who provide clinical education to our student members throughout the east midlands.

‘I visit UoL students at the beginning of their programmes and recognise the pressure on placement providers. 

‘It is great to see the university fostering links across the profession and supporting educators by creating ongoing support for professional development.’

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