CSP offers support to aid local delivery of Long Term Plan in England

The CSP is promoting a range of measures to support members in enabling the delivery of physiotherapy and rehabilitation outlined in NHS England’s Long Term Plan.


The plan, published last month, outlines several commitments aimed at enhancing preventative and rehabilitative services, including increasing the number of physios in primary care, widening the roll-out of first contact physios, and improving access to rehabilitation in a wide range of areas including frailty, stroke, pulmonary and cardiac conditions.

CSP chief executive Karen Middleton said: ‘I’m delighted at the prominence of physiotherapy throughout the plan, and the recognition of the importance of integrated local services. It clearly demonstrates the CSP’s influence and impact but there is much more to do on a local level across England if these ambitions are to be realised.

‘There are a number of areas where we can help and support you on this local delivery and I would encourage you to seek out and take up this offer. Your contributions are essential if the plan is to become a reality: without a strong local collective effort, the plan will not be implemented.’

Support includes help in assessing the population rehabilitation need in your area, advice on workforce deployment and service redesign to reduce duplication, evidence briefings specific to your needs, and examples and case studies of successful local services.

To request support or find out more email cre@csp.org.uk

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