#TUC18: Time to plug the NHS funding gap is running out, warns CSP

The CSP has warned that ‘time is running out’ to plug the gap in NHS funding and highlighted the problems the shortfall was creating for NHS staff.

The CSP delegation at the TUC18 Congress in Manchester. Photo: Jess Hurd

Physiotherapist and steward Robert Davies argued that the government’s NHS funding increase, announced earlier this year, was ‘too little, too late’.

Seconding a motion about money for health and social care, Mr Davies told delegates about the CSP’s efforts to tackle stress and excessive workloads with its Pinpoint the Pressure campaign.

‘We know that increasing workloads and stress are one of the main reasons that NHS staff are leaving, and many trusts are struggling to recruit replacement staff,’ he said.

‘As one of the wealthiest countries in the world, there can be no excuse for not properly funding a health service that is the world leader in its field.’

The motion, moved by the British Dietetic Association, called on the TUC to continue applying pressure on government to spend a higher proportion of the UK’s wealth on health and social care, in line with other, comparable economies.

As part of a long-term funding settlement for health and social care, it urged adequate funding, as well as time off for essential professional development.

The motion passed unanimously.

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Author: Robert Millett

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