Sixth floor physios pledge to use stairs for a month, to back CSP campaign and raise funds for stroke unit

Therapists and nurses in Gloucester are backing the CSP’s Love activity, Hate exercise? campaign by shunning hospital lifts and only using the stairs during September.

Occupational therapist Vickie Hopton, physios Sarah Chapman and Stella Honey and nurse Soraia Ceia

The one-month challenge is been taken up by the stroke unit therapy team and nursing staff at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.
Stella Honey, a senior physio based on the hospital’s stroke unit, is leading the initiative and told Frontline: ‘We are based on the sixth floor of the tower block at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and are giving up the lifts for a month and committing to taking the stairs.
‘The idea is to raise money for the stroke unit, while also increasing our own fitness levels, in line with the Love activity, Hate exercise? campaign.’

Position aids and extra wheelchairs

The team aim to raise £1,000 to purchase equipment that will improve the experience of patients on the stroke unit.
‘We work hard to provide the best care and therapy for our patients, however we would like to provide a better patient experience over that usually provided by the NHS,’ said Mrs Honey.
‘So we are hoping to purchase positioning aids to use with our patients who require extra support when in bed. These will help patients maintain a more efficient position, improve their ability to eat, drink, communicate and decrease their pain.


‘We are also hoping to raise enough money to buy extra wheelchairs for patients to use when their families visit, so they can be taken off the ward for fresh air or a coffee. This will help improve the time the patients spend with us in hospital, as well as lift their mood.’
The ‘stairs only’ challenge is the first in a four-month fundraising drive by the team, which will also include a cake bake and a Christmas raffle.
The team can be followed on Twitter @StrokeGRH and their fundraising page is

Author: Robert Millett

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