CSP in initiative to promote multi-professional team working

Multi-professional team working is vital to improving healthcare, says a joint statement signed by CSP chief executive Karen Middleton and issued by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges.


CSP chief executive Karen Middleton. Photo: Tom Campbell

Evidence consistently shows that multi-professional teams deliver better outcomes for patients and more satisfying work for clinicians, says the statement published on 11 October.

Physiotherapists and other clinicians value their professional identity and can be proud of the contribution they make within their roles. The CSP and the other bodies say they are committed to ensuring that their members’ professional identity and expertise maximises the impact of the team.

'It is vital that all professions involved in healthcare work and stand together in the best interests of patients, said Professor Carrie MacEwen, chair of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. ‘All members of the clinical team are recognised for their contribution to high quality patient care. This includes physiotherapists, who play a vital role in treating and caring for patients with musculoskeletal-skeletal diseases to improve outcomes.’

The statement also identifies barriers to better care which professional bodies, employers and the government must collaborate to solve.

For instance, healthcare needs new solutions, including new roles and behaviours, to meet the changing needs of the population. This has the potential to change the regulation of professions, the statement says.

Clinicians must have the professional development required to adapt to changing circumstances, and employers must ensure this is available. In addition, physiotherapists and others must see there are career pathways to enable them to expand their contribution to healthcare.

The professional bodies recognise that many healthcare staff feel undervalued at work. The statement says the government and employers have a responsibility to ensure staff are properly valued and rewarded.

The statement concludes with a commitment to work together on initiatives to support professional regulation, workforce development and quality of life for patients.

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