CSP calls on members to share evidence of physio benefits in primary care

The CSP is urging members to contribute to an inquiry that could shape the future of primary care services in England – and give physios a bigger role in providing primary care.


Members are asked to contribute views on primary care by 24 August. Full details below

The House of Commons health committee launched an inquiry into primary care on 30 July. It aims to examine the challenges affecting primary care services, and focuses on issues including

  • the quality and standard of care for patients
  • proposals for seven-day services
  • patient access
  • funding and commissioning
  • future models of care
  • workforce recruitment, retention, training, workload and pay

The society is collecting information to submit to the inquiry and is calling on members to share evidence about the value of physiotherapy in primary care.

Gathering evidence

Rachel Newton, the CSP’s head of policy, told Frontline: ‘Evidence from members is essential to making the case to decision makers for the potential for physiotherapy within primary care.

‘The physiotherapy profession has a unique contribution to make. Experienced physiotherapists have the autonomy, training and skills – including independent prescribing – to work alongside GPs as the first point of contact for many patients coming into surgeries.

‘Physios also have experience of providing specialist rehab and preventative services as part of multidisciplinary teams in the community.

‘And there is an established model of patient self-referral to physiotherapy services, which is proven to save money and improve patient care.’

Ms Newton said a number of factors had prompted the inquiry, including a shortage of GPs and a growing recognition that primary care is key to making the healthcare system ‘more preventative and tailored to population needs’.

How to comment

Members who have views, experiences and examples about the benefits of physiotherapy in primary care are invited to share them by joining the CSP’s new Primary Care iCSP group.

Evidence needs to be submitted by 3 September but members are asked to make any contributions that could help to inform the CSP’s response by 24 August.

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