Managing Long Covid

Join us to discuss managing Long Covid in Yorkshire & Humber.

A special Zoom meeting on managing long Covid in the second wave in Yorkshire & Humber

Members from Yorkshire & Humber are invited on Thursday 26th November to discuss the impact of long Covid in the second wave in their area.

The meeting is the first in a series of virtual sessions over the next few months.

All CSP members from Yorkshire & Humber are invited to attend on Thursday 26th November at 7-8pm.

At this meeting, we will discuss managing Long Covid during the second wave of the pandemic.

There will also be the opportunity to pose general questions and we’re keen to share our plans for more regional events in December and beyond.

 Join in

Click on the link below and insert the password to join the meeting via Zoom. See tips for using Zoom at the end of the message.

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 913 8496 9802

Password: 007293

We want to support you and provide advice through these challenging times and will do our best to answer your queries but please bear in mind that we may not have all the answers immediately. We also cannot provide specific advice so please continue to approach your CSP stewards and reps with issues of this nature.

We look forward to seeing you on the 26th November!

With best wishes,  

Sharon Greensill, Chair of the CSP Yorkshire & Humber Regional Network

Ian Taylor, CSP Senior Negotiating Officer

Abi Henderson, CSP Professional Adviser

Fraser Paterson, CSP Campaigns and Regional Engagement Officer


The CSP Yorkshire & Humber Team



Tips for taking part in a Zoom meeting:

- Zoom works on any mobile device but it works best if you video call in so that you can see one-another and read the chatroom

- It is also advisable to use headphones (although this is not compulsory). Headphones enable you to hear the discussion better and lessens any background noise that you have at home

- When arriving on Zoom it is best to automatically mute until you want to speak (otherwise with multiple members un-muted it can get quite noisy) but don’t worry as we will be on-hand to manage this

- Use your own device to take part in a Zoom meeting, as some can be difficult to access using NHS equipment.


- If you are interested in more information and guidance on using Zoom visit -

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