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An expression of pride from the Valleys 

Helen Rees, a member of the CSP, was appointed as chief executive of the Hospice of the Valleys, Ebbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent, earlier this year. 
Helen has had a significant impact on strategic policy and service provision. In a groundbreaking partnership with the charity the Alzheimer’s Society, the hospice is currently running the Challenge Project. 
The hospice has already received significant recognition in south Wales, and presented at the Wales Alzheimer’s Society conference. 
It has also been academically evaluated by the Marie Curie Research centre in Cardiff with significant success. 
There are clear opportunities for physiotherapists to take up chief executive roles with a strategic and creative focus. At this time, there is also a focus on patient initiatives.
I’m not a physio and as Helen’s husband I know I am biased, but I thought readers would be interested to hear about a physiotherapist taking on a strategic role. 
For more information about the work of Hospice of the Valleys, visit
  • Keith Rees

Lobby success

The Trade Union Act is now in the process of implementation. As a member of the  CSP’s industrial relations committee (IRC), I thank CSP members for all their great work campaigning as the bill passed through the various parliamentary stages. 
Your direct action in lobbying MPs and peers through letters, emails and social media channels, signing petitions and attending rallies really did make a difference. 
This engagement, working together with the TUC and other unions, was highly effective in achieving some notable concessions in the bill. This  includes no capping of union facility time, trialling the use of e-balloting and dropping the control and use of social media during disputes. 
The legislation still poses some real challenges to our work as a trade union but the improvements gained are a clear reminder that collectively we can have such a positive impact to protect workers’ rights. 
For more information, see 
  • Katie Wilkie, CSP Council representative on IRC

Tragic story

I have just read the tragic story of Lynette Rodgers (nee Reilly) who died with her husband John on their honeymoon in October 2015 (obituary, page 47-48, 15 June). What a beautifully written story by her friends and colleagues.
It puts life into perspective. It’s at times like this where you sit back and reflect on your life. You do not know what is going to happen, or what is around the corner.
It has blown me away.
  • Julie Knight

Bad hair day

I am aware that I am becoming the increasingly tetchy senior member of staff, but come on girls.
Of the five lovely ladies pictured on the cover of 1 June issue, four had their hair down while in uniform.
Let’s maintain professional standards, please! 
  • Evie Cooper, James Paget Hospital, Great Yarmouth
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