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More digital opportunities

There is a correction required to the article Let’s get digital (Frontline, 4 July). Although there are a couple of AHPs by training in the NHS Digital Academy first cohort, I am the only physiotherapist. Phillippa Winter, current chief information officer (CIO) at Bolton is an occupational therapist. The course is open to applications from aspiring digital leaders, not just existing chief CIOs and CIOs, and not just from global digital exemplar sites. As a profession, we need to start taking these opportunities to push our boundaries. Indeed ‘digital futures’ is one of the key threads running through AHPs into Action (page 16), with a digital framework for AHPs to be launched later this year. I am happy to answer any questions if anyone is thinking of applying. 
  • Sarah Judge, West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Physiotherapy shouldn’t cost your home

Here is a great article (Frontline, 6 June) about how physiotherapists can help people get their life back. The problem here, however, is that Michael Thompson, featured in the article, had to sell his house to fund his rehab.
I know that this is not a standalone case. Many people cannot afford to pay for the extra physio support that is not funded by the NHS. What would life have looked like for Michael now if he didn’t self-fund his physio? What do I say to my patients when their ‘funded physio’ comes to an end?
I would be grateful if this message could be passed on to individuals, departments or decision makers to promote discussion and perhaps change, so that everyone has access to the support they need to reach their true potential and life goals.
  • Kaye McGowan 

Let’s champion Physio First

Just read Physio entrepreneurs: the business end (Frontline, 20 June). Great that Frontline is supporting CSP members in this way. As Stuart Palma says ‘we all need to be braver in standing up and suggesting new solutions’. 
And yet, I was very sad to note not a mention of Physio First in this article. Not one. Physio First, being the professional network of the CSP that supports these very physiotherapists in private practice whose intent is to champion private physiotherapy in a cost-effective, evidence-based way in an ever-changing market place.
I would hope that the CSP also wants to champion its professional networks and this would have been a great opportunity to do so.
Physio First is working hard to show that quality is the way to go in private physiotherapy. Mr Palma says, ‘We need to consider how to do this differently.’ Well Physio First is, so please support us.
  • John Paul Johnson

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