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Friendly invitation

It’s Dementia Action Week from 21-27 May and we want to highlight the Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends initiative. The aim is to transform the way the nation thinks, acts and talks about the condition. Even if they don’t work in elderly care, most physio staff will come into contact with people living with dementia as a patient, relative or in daily life. We found that attending a Dementia Friends session was a useful way to gain an understanding of dementia and highlighted the importance of feelings and emotional memory.
Physios are champions for patient care and we ask you to encourage everyone in your service to become a Dementia Friend – not forgetting members of the wider support team, such as cleaners, porters and receptionists.
We are both Dementia Friends champions, which means we can run face-to-face sessions. We also support the exciting aim for London to become the first ‘dementia friendly’ city and so ask services based in the capital to help us in this work.  
  • Angela Clayton-Turner, retired physiotherapist and honorary president of Agile, the CSP professional network for physiotherapists working with older people, and Laura Cook, chair, Agile East  

No boundaries for students

The deadline for applying to become a CSP committee member is 16 April. This is a fantastic opportunity for all CSP members to engage with the new governance structure. As a physiotherapy student at the University of Birmingham, I would encourage all student members to consider applying.
The term ‘student’ has many connotations, some of which lead to self-imposed limitations, but within the CSP there are no boundaries for students. Under the new governance structure, we have the opportunity to secure more seats than ever. With 28 seats available this time, we no longer have to fight over one seat on each committee.
Whether you are a student rep or not, I urge you to apply. Being involved with the CSP opens so many doors – giving opportunities to develop your CV, to network and to make a name for yourself. If you feel passionate about ensuring the student voice is heard, this is the perfect opportunity. Committee members can influence the council to consider the needs of future physios seriously.
If you are struggling to write your application, contact CSP student officer Ciara Younge, who can put you in touch with some experienced physios. Email Visit Council committees on the CSP website.
  • Matt Hughes, member ARC agenda committee 

Pain gain

Readers of the article on pain in children (page 22, 21 March) might also be interested in this guideline, Management of Chronic Pain in Children and Young People. It is published by the Scottish government. To download it, visit here. 
I was one of the collaborators on this document.
  • Dr Paul Cameron, national lead clinician, chronic pain, Scottish government

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