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Karen Middleton invites members to stand for CSP Council, the profession’s leadership body 

CSP CEO Karen Middleton
CSP CEO Karen Middleton

It barely seems five minutes ago that we were focusing on the CSP Council elections of 2022 (postponed from 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic) and here we are again opening up for nominations! Without the postponement, the elections are normally held every two years as six out of the 12 members step down or have to be re-elected each time. 

So it feels like a big ask to invite you, once more, to consider standing for council. And I do appreciate that for many of you, this will feel like ‘one more thing’ as you all – in whatever sector you work in – try to get back to some sense of normality at work, your studies or and at home – but your profession needs you! 

Last year, when 17 CSP members came forward to run for the six available spaces, I was in awe. We were right in the middle of the pandemic when they had to consider taking this step – in the midst of uncertainty, with only more uncertainty ahead.

And yet these members felt strongly enough about their profession and the CSP that they wanted to be in a position of greater influence and, of course, six of them were successful. This was leadership in action. 

It’s been a pleasure to work with members who I didn’t know before and who only had minimal engagement with the CSP previously, and we now have much greater diversity within council. This brings energy, fresh ideas and innovation to the table. 

By the time you read this, the new council will have had its second meeting and a further induction day to look at how to harness all of this to best effect. At every council meeting, there is an induction session because the learning never stops – and nor should it. 

The learning will also certainly be intense for the new equity, diversity and belonging committee, which met for the first time shortly before this went to print. A brand new committee, all new members and all new to the governance of the CSP. There will also be learning for me and my staff as we work with the new committee to take forward the equity, diversity and belonging strategy. 

But learning is part of leadership – about ourselves, about others and what they bring, and about the subject matter, and it does require vulnerability to be open to the learning. Remember in the absence of doubt, tyranny reigns! 

So think about standing for council – no previous experience of doing so is required. You will learn a great deal that will position you for other influencing and leadership roles, and the profession and organisation will benefit from your knowledge and experience. You certainly don’t need to know it all when you start, but you do need a passion for physiotherapy and to want to make a difference.  

Do get in touch with either myself, the CSP governance team or chair of council Alex MacKenzie – we’re all happy to have a chat via and

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