Workplace Wins

Our regular round-up of successes by stewards and reps working on your behalf

Workplace Wins

Win 1: Workplace stress 

Following an increase in sickness absence due to workplace stress, Rachael and Kirsten, the safety reps at a Greater Manchester trust, carried out a stress survey. They summarised the results and held a meeting with members to discuss the findings and get staff to suggest ways to reduce stress levels. The results and members’ suggestions were taken to management and a series of measures were agreed including changes to the working environment, recruitment to cover maternity and long-term sickness absence, revised weekend and on-call services and facilitated group communication sessions on the subject of reducing stress and conflict resolution.   

Win 2: Sick pay  

Jill, a steward at a Newcastle hospital, was approached by a new member of staff, who, while on their probationary period, sustained an injury that meant she needed time off work. The member was concerned as the employer had told them that, due  to the fact that they had not previously worked in the NHS, they would not receive occupational sick pay during their probation period but instead receive the lesser amount payable under statutory sick pay. Jill requested that the trust reviewed their probationary policy and aligned it with the national NHS Terms and Conditions of Service. The trust board reviewed the recommendation and agreed to re-align the policy with the national terms and conditions, which means that all existing and new staff now receive occupational sick pay during their probation period. 

Win 3: PPE guidance   

Staff at a Liverpool hospital were concerned at sudden proposed changes to the trust’s Covid-19 PPE guidance. The steward raised the concerns of members at an urgent managers’ briefing, especially around the changes being implemented too quickly and without properly engaging with staff. He also took the issue to the trust’s weekly Covid-19 meeting with HR and as a result it was agreed that no changes in procedures would be implemented, until there had been full discussions with the staff unions. The trust has also set up a PPE steering group, which has union representation including a CSP rep.  

Workplace issues? 

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