Workplace wins

Our regular round-up of successes by stewards and reps working on your behalf

Workplace wins

Your CSP steward and safety rep are there to support you on individual workplace problems and to help co-ordinate collective responses to problems affecting groups of members. We share some of their successes

Win 1: Uniform policy

Staff at a hospital in north London were complaining about the strict uniform policy, which meant that they had to wear trousers in extremely hot weather. This was a particular concern to male staff. 

The safety rep, Fiona, contacted the UNISON steward and they met with managers, and proposed alternative uniform options. They used health and safety legislation to back up their arguments and, as a result, it was agreed that staff could wear shorts in the outpatient department and scrubs on the wards.

Win 2: Unfair reference

A member of staff at an integrated care partnership was declined a new role on the basis of a reference. The staff member contacted the steward, Paige, as they were distressed at having been offered the role, only then to have the offer rescinded. 

Paige researched the trust’s policy on references and identified a potential case of age discrimination. Paige met with the divisional director and highlighted concerns about the reference, especially around potential discrimination. The management team accepted that the situation had been poorly handled and agreed to appoint the member, with the caveat of some additional development work. 

Win 3: Changing room privacy

Workplace issues?

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Staff at a hospital in Oxford were concerned about the lack of privacy when changing. The door of the mixed changing room opened onto a corridor, which meant that when it was ajar people could see through.

The safety rep, Sophie, inspected the area and reported to management, who have since fitted a curtain across the door, so that people cannot see in. They have also installed a curtained area of the changing room, which gives staff additional privacy when changing.


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