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workplace wins

Fixed term contract

A steward in a West Midlands trust recently helped a member employed on a fixed term contract and facing job loss.

‘I was approached as the member had been advised by their manager that after completion of their fourth fixed term contract, each lasting 12 months, that they would not be renewing his contract.

‘He really didn’t want to leave the trust and at this point, very much felt like an employee after four years of service.’

Having found out more about the situation the member was facing, the steward checked the trust’s fixed term contract policy.

Checking the policy provided them with a wealth of information, which in turn supported discussions between the steward and the manager.

The manager then used this information to liaise with HR, which ultimately led to the member being offered a permanent role in the community MSK team, which was their original request.

‘I’ve learnt that not all managers follow policy. Sometimes because they aren’t aware of the relevant policy or aren’t up to date.

‘I also learnt that a swift resolution is possible, the whole process took just five working days.’

Workplace issues?

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