Workplace wins

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Workplace wins

Flexible working

A steward working in the West Midlands recently supported a member with a flexible working request. The steward said: ‘A flexible working request was made by the member to reduce their working days from four to three days a week. 

The request was only granted on a six-month basis due to a funding shortfall. The member felt that six months was too short to notice a significant difference and didn’t feel comfortable with the stress and uncertainty of making changes to childcare arrangements, only to have to change them back in six months’ time.

‘The member was requesting a permanent reduction in hours, and we began an appeal process. I supported them through this, including holding meetings with the chair of staffside and my CSP senior negotiating officer to prepare for the appeals panel.

‘I attended the panel with the member, and a permanent reduction in hours was granted. For me, this illustrated the importance of clear, concise arguments and ensuring your reasoning is focused on the areas you know will be important to the appeals panel.

I’d considered challenges and questions that panel members may make, alongside what compromises they may request to ensure we were fully prepared. 

I also learnt to ask questions of management that you know they don’t know the answer to!’

Workplace issues?

If you need support on an employment matter or on health and safety, contact your workplace rep in the first instance, or call the CSP enquiries team on 020 7306 6666 or email 


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