Why not join us on 12 May?

Jim Fahie urges CSP members to take part in a national rally in May 2018.

The CSP will be joining the TUC and many other health unions at a national demonstration called ‘A new deal for working people’ in London on 12 May. See here for more information. We are taking part to highlight to the government that physiotherapists and associates – whether working in the private sector or the NHS – should be paid a fair rate of pay. At the same time, we are also asking that the NHS receive a fair funding package.
I am sometimes asked: ‘Why should I bother, it’s nothing to do with me,’ or have been informed: ‘It won’t make any difference.’ 
I disagree. Each one of us can be a leader in our own way and as leaders, we need to ask questions and engage in the democratic political process. Every one of us collectively makes up ‘the CSP’. Every face and every voice joining the demonstration on 12 May is an ambassador for change. Together we are stronger than if we stand alone. For change to happen we need to be visible and we will be with your support.
Demonstrating on 12 May will get us noticed, our cause will be highlighted to others, and together we can build up a movement for change to occur, and we will maintain our professionalism while we do it. We will join other professional bodies and trade unions: doctors, nurses, police officers and prison officers, for example. 
Other professionals coming together as one, to ask for a change, a change that can help every one of us. After years of below inflation pay settlements in both the private sector and the NHS, it is time to provide fair pay for physiotherapy. This is why I believe it is something to do with you, and why I, for one, will be part of it. What’s stopping you from joining us? As Emmeline (Emily) Pankhurst, leader of the Suffragette movement, said: ‘Deeds not words.’  
  • Jim Fahie is temporary acting director of the CSP’s employment relations and union services

Jim Fahie is temporary acting director of the CSP’s employment relations and union services

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