Advice line: are you ready for GDPR?

Pip White offers guidance on getting ready for General Data Protection Regulation.

Many of you will have read the article in Frontline in February in which CSP member Stuart Nottingham described his company’s preparation for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Jo Hampton, the CSP’s head of governance, offered advice on what steps members should be taking before the new regulation comes into force on 25 May. See here
Many members have asked why the CSP is not providing its own specific information for members about GDPR. The reason is that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) already provides a range of excellent tools and resources to help with the changes. As the statutory regulator for data and information, the ICO is the best organisation to provide advice – not the CSP. See ICO website here
Members need to be reviewing their working practice now and the priority may be to do a data audit. This will help you to understand what data you have, where you keep it, how you use it, why you need it and when you get rid of it. 
You should also:
  • review how you tell people how you use their information (data privacy notices),
  • check how you manage requests by people to see the data you hold about them (subject access requests),
  • check how you would deal with any data leaks (data breaches). 
The ICO is working with NHS England, NHS Digital, the Information Governance Alliance and the Health Research Authority to provide specific healthcare GDPR guidance. When available, the information will be on these organisations’ websites. CSP members working in NHS or GP organisations should look to these resources to review their data obligations.
Members working in private practice should find the NHS information useful as it relates directly to health records and may be scaled according to the size of the practice. In addition, the ICO has produced resources for health sector bodies. See FAQs for small health sector bodies here.
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  • Pip White is a CSP professional adviser
Author : Pip White CSP professional adviser

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