Why is it important to have diverse CSP Council members?

Nicola Ebdon, CSP’s Head of Governance, explains why we need diversity of thought, background and approach

Nicola Ebdon Head of Governance
Nicola Ebdon CSP’s Head of Governance

The CSP’s Council is no different from any other board. Its main responsibilities include identifying and evaluating significant opportunities and risks, strategic decision-making and assessing the CSP’s performance.

We need members on Council who are professional, responsible and collaborative – and who between them bring diversity of thought and perspective.

This diversity is important as it ensures Council can:

  • consider the same idea in differing ways and therefore avoid group-think
  • have healthy debate, which includes embracing differing views and results in a more thoughtful decision-making process
  • be knowledgeable and sensitive to a wider variety of issues facing members 
  • be willing and able to confront challenging issues and make difficult decisions
  • be willing and able to disrupt the status quo – as great ideas come from disruption 
  • challenge itself to keep pace with the changing dynamics facing the profession and be more adaptable in response

In addition, since Council exists to serve the best interests of members, it makes sense that its membership should reflect the full diversity of the CSP membership.

You have a key role in ensuring the CSP Council is effective – by voting for diversity. In June you will be asked to use your vote to select your preferred list of new Council members from the candidates who nominate themselves – and it is important that you do so with diversity in mind. Are there already Council members who are similar to you? If so, challenge yourself to vote for Council members who are different.

Take a look at ‘How to vote in the Council elections’ 

Nicola Ebdon is CSP’s Head of Governance

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