We need to talk about strength

The CSP is about to launch campaign Stronger My Way. Sara Hazzard explains what it is, why it’s needed and how it will benefit members

Sara Hazzard
Sara Hazzard CSP assistant director of strategic communication and co-chair of the Community Rehabilitation Alliance

Across the nation, people living with long-term conditions have never been in more need of the strength to be independent, to do things they love and carry on the routines that shape their lives. 

The CSP has spent two years listening to physio staff and patients on how we can help, and has used everything you’ve told us to create and curate the best strengthening resources in our new, soon to be launched web hub Stronger My Way.

These resources will save you time, provide credible help to support what you already do and build your skills and confidence as the strength expert who patients rely on. 

They will provide ongoing support for patients that is led by you – enabling them to continue and build the strengthening habit between and beyond appointments. 

More importantly, the posters, leaflets, exercise videos and advice are all evidence based, so this campaign is not about flashy content but about what really works for patients and firmly places physiotherapy as leading the way. 

We wanted to make it easier for physios workers and students to help promote and raise the profile of the profession. Stronger My Way is a practical way to do this. 

Funding for the campaign from Sport England and Centre For Ageing Better has already been a vote of confidence in physiotherapy’s place leading work in the strength space. That partnership has seen the profession forge new links across the healthcare and exercise and activity space, too.

Members across the independent, private and NHS sectors have given us great feedback on how useful they’ve found what we’ve created.

Stronger My Way is due to launch this spring, so look out for the cover story in the next issue of Frontline, and find out how you can use the Stronger My Way strength hub to its greatest effect. 

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