Vocational rehab toolkit for stroke

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NHS England has published an updated version of their vocational rehabilitation toolkit for stroke. 

The updated resource, which CSP has endorsed, includes a Youtube video: Vocational Rehabilitation Toolkit For Stroke

Assessment for stroke elearning  

This elearning introduces the priorities of the clinical video assessment for stroke (CVAS) service and helps stroke clinicians to confidently perform CVAS assessments, recognise important presentation patterns and avoid common pitfalls so that patients can be treated in the most time efficient and focused way.

Brain injury/dance resource 

If you come across any resources and tools you would like to share with other clinicians please send them to frontline@csp.org.uk

The charity Headway East London has collaborated with dance company Studio Wayne McGregor to create structured dance and movement sessions with brain injury survivors. Headway physio Fiona Allan said: ‘We’ve been exploring the use of creativity and movement as another way of engaging brain injury survivors in activity and rehab and we have some qualitative feedback.’ Access the leaflet titled Dance After Brain Injury here.

WHO guideline on chronic primary low back pain

The World Health Organization has published a new guideline about the non-surgical management of chronic primary low back pain in adults in primary and community care settings. 


NHS England AHP Preceptorship Standards & Framework and HCPC Principles for Preceptorship are major publications that will support physiotherapists to access high-quality preceptorship.

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