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Former CSP student rep Arun Pall qualified last year and is optimistic about his career

A year on from graduation, I am still riding a wave of excitement.

I have been fortunate to work at a local NHS teaching hospital. I am currently working in in-patient orthopaedics, after seven months in the community with the falls prevention services and intermediate care team.

I understand this is the first stepping stone, and realise how much there is still to learn of physiotherapy, and the extent of its services with the NHS.

My aim is to get involved with as many projects as I can, from looking at ways to improve communication on the ward to being a cast member of the Olympics opening ceremony NHS segment.

Being part of a profession that is highly respected is important to me. After all, I put myself through three years of hard work at university, then spent hours ensuring I was offered a band 5 job!

I believe that the knowledge, experience and training gained by working in the NHS is an essential foundation as a newly qualified physiotherapist. I also believe that a broad knowledge of physiotherapy services in other sectors is essential.

I have been lucky enough to gain both acute and community experience so far in my role.

I have also opted to work occasionally at a private hospital, volunteer at a local football club, shadow at a private practice and am looking into setting up my own company in future.

I am trying to improve my business, financial and marketing knowledge. This I feel will help me gain a better appreciation of the requirements that may be essential for the survival of what we know as NHS physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy services within the NHS are frequently being asked to justify their provision. But with the promotion of our holistic and adaptable roles, and with recent movements such as independent prescription rights, we are in good stead – rather like the Olympics – to inspire a generation.

Arun Pall is a band 5 physiotherapist in London

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