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Carers with older parents or relatives can access a helpful website, says Deborah Stone

I set up myageingparent website with Alex Ingram about five years ago.

Both of us lost our fathers some years ago and have a single parent living.

We know first-hand how important it is to try to ensure that parents are happy and healthy – whether it is helping them with everyday tasks, such as car insurance or banking, or with more serious issues, such as falls or getting the right care for recuperation.

We found it difficult to locate all the information they needed and that it took a long time to get the right advice.

Instigating further research, it was clear this was a common issue.

The website offers information on a comprehensive range of topics, which includes:

  • keeping older people active and healthy:  advice on food and nutrition, exercise, therapies and beauty
  • keeping older people busy: advice on activities, hobbies and how technology can help through using computers and tablets
  • finance advice : care budgets, pensions, allowances, assessments and local authority funding
  • legal advice: wills, living wills, trusts, power of attorney, disability and probate
  • care options: accommodation options, care at home, assessments
  • age-related medical issues: overview of conditions and advice on where to get help
  • how to cope: dealing with bereavement, family and siblings and funerals
  • a shop: contains all the essentials for assisting older people
  • a forum: chance to share worries and advice with others
  • a directory: helpful professionals working with older people

The myageingparent website works with health professionals, lawyers, accountants and charities to ensure the best information is available.

It is constantly updated with articles and news. It can be of great benefit to physiotherapists who would like advice on issues relating to the care of older people.

It is also a resource for patients who have questions relating to their own care or that of their parents.

The site is used by local authorities, GP practices and NHS hospitals.

Deborah Stone is one of the founders of myageingparent

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