TEDx Talk: Do healthcare professionals always know best?

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In this free TEDx Talk, CSP member Leanna Luxton shares her journey from a well-researched practitioner to a critical friend to her patients. 

By asking “If you reach these goals, will it be enough?” she learnt to change her practice alongside her patients, adapting her tools and plans away from what she had been traditionally taught. 

Leanna is team lead for Northamptonshire community stroke service and the programme manager for the NHS England stroke rehab pilot programme.

Moving Medicine

Moving Medicine, which is a CSP endorsed initiative, has launched a new free resource to help healthcare professionals have better conversations about moving more with people who are experiencing menopause.

It is the latest in a series of Moving Medicine’s resources, which aim to help healthcare professionals integrate physical activity conversations into routine clinical care.

Increasing diversity in research participation 

NHS England have published a good practice guide to support integrated care systems to increase the public’s participation in research, and to help researchers engage with underrepresented groups. The guide aims to help researchers understand why research participation might be low in a group and provides practical suggestions to increase participation.

Healthy Living: type 2 diabetes

If you come across resources and tools you would like to share with other clinicians please send them to frontline@csp.org.uk

Healthy Living is a free online NHS service for people living with type 2 diabetes, to help them manage the condition. It includes information about treatments; advice on emotional and mental wellbeing, and guidance on adopting and maintaining healthy behaviours with food and exercise.

NICE: Improving productivity in the health and care system

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recognises that the health and care system is under exceptional pressure, and that recovering core services and improving productivity is an immediate priority for the NHS. To help with this, NICE has developed a resource that pulls together guidance and recommendations supporting this aim into one.

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