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Steve Huckstep an apprenticeship mentor, leading on learning, development for support worker apprenticeships

Steve Huckstep
Steve Huckstep is an apprenticeship assessor/coach

After working as a therapy assistant for nearly 11 years, I’ve started a new role as a healthcare apprenticeship assessor/coach at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Trust. 

I don’t believe I would have been able to acquire this role if it was not for the experience I gained from working as a therapy assistant practitioner at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and from working with the CSP’s Associate Committee, and then the Support Worker Reference Group.

I would definitely recommend becoming a physio assistant to anyone, because of the experience and potential life skills you can gain.

As a therapy assistant, I became a member of the CSP and soon after saw an opportunity to attend Physiotherapy UK in Liverpool. I was a bit nervous about attending on my own but I was able to meet other PTAs and was invited to join the Associate Committee. I saw this as great experience to potentially further my career. I realised soon after that I had a passion for helping others in their careers. 

At the children’s hospital, as well as being a mentor to junior colleagues, I was lucky enough to be occasionally involved in the recruitment process for the therapy department – shortlisting job applications, gathering interview questions, and involvement in group and panel interviews. 

I enjoyed the process with the main reason being that I learnt how to help others to perform better when they apply and interview for jobs.

Being a physio assistant has meant I have gained so many personal and career skills which have allowed me to start a position where I will be able to help many others in their careers. 

I would love to work with the CSP again in the future. It still means a lot to me that the CSP promotes the role of support workers. 

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