Survey will shape provision of physical activity services

Physiotherapy staff can help to shape the provision of physical activity for people with certain long-term conditions in Scotland.

The CSP wants members to take part in the PARCS (Person centred Activities for Respiratory Cardiac and Stroke conditions) survey, which closes on 18 October.

CSP policy officer for Scotland Kenryck Lloyd-Jones said: ‘This project is an exciting opportunity to help promote and sustain physical activity levels, across a diverse set of patient groups.’

PARCS is a collaborative project by Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland, the British Heart Foundation (Scotland) and the British Lung Foundation.

It aims to establish a baseline for physical activity for people with cardiac, pulmonary and stroke conditions.

The information will be used by the Scottish Government to produce a strategy to promote and evaluate integrated, community-based exercise programmes.

Data from existing PARCS exercise groups have revealed that 77 per cent of attendees with respiratory, cardiac and stroke conditions meet the recommended physical activity targets.

This compares with the national averages of 17 per cent for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, 15 per cent for those with cardiac disease and 11 per cent for those with stroke.

‘Feedback from physiotherapists would be extremely valuable in scoping what is currently available,’ said David Clark, chief executive of Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland.

Robert Millett

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