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The role of CSP’s associate members comes under the spotlight in this issue. Petrus du Plessis, who features on our cover, started out as a physio assistant before his life took a very different turn. Read his profile on page 20 for more information.

Not all CSP members are state registered physiotherapists but they still need support from their employers to develop their skills so they can deliver the best patient care possible. 

A recent survey by the CSP Union Learning Fund found that many associates do not think they are receiving adequate access to job-related training. But, as Robert Millett’s article for our CPD series (page 30) shows, there are ways of developing training for associate members, whose contribution to service provision is vital. Read Robert’s article to find out how one enterprising associate member went about it.

The CSP offers a host of services to its associate members. If you work alongside a support worker who is not yet a member, why not pass them this issue of Frontline so they can see what’s on offer? The benefits include funding for appropriate and accredited courses, a free annual conference within the main CSP congress and access to the Members’ Benevolent Fund. Associates can also benefit from CSP Plus. Like all members, they can, for example, make savings when they shop at many big name stores – including M&S and Sainsbury’s – by subscribing to the Cashback Gift Card (see for details).

There’s plenty too inside this issue for qualified members, including a report on a Dutch initiative for people with Parkinson’s disease and a guide to the new CSP website. The site offers qualified and associate members alike the chance to access the myriad of services the society offers.

Read about the threat to NHS pension rights and the English government’s ‘any willing provider’ plans. Last but not least, don’t forget to join us for the TUC march on Saturday 26 March.

Lynn Eaton Managing editor, Frontline

Lynn Eaton

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