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‘Which physiotherapy volunteers and champions will you put forward for one of our new awards?’ asks CSP assistant director Rob Ledger

Rob Ledger CSP assistant director of strategic communications
Rob Ledger CSP assistant director of strategic communications

Whatever part you play within the physiotherapy profession, it’s almost certain that your work or your studies have been made better by the efforts of volunteers.

Maybe a workplace rep has helped you through a challenging employment issue. Perhaps you’ve extended your professional knowledge through a network’s learning events. You may not have seen it first hand, but you’ve probably felt the benefit from some of the influencing work members are doing, often behind the scenes, to promote physiotherapy.

Most volunteers will say they don’t do it for the thanks, though it certainly helps to receive some recognition for the effort they make on behalf of others.

To shine a light on more of the people who most deserve our recognition, we are adding three new categories to sit alongside our existing professional and rep of the year awards. We now need you to tell us who you think deserves to win:

  • Network of the Year, recognising the CSP network which has had the biggest impact on behalf of CSP members.
  • Volunteer of the year, which is wider in scope and highlights the work of anyone in a CSP voluntary role.
  • Influencer of the year, for someone who has made a major contribution to championing physiotherapy, without necessarily being in a formal volunteering role. It could be a CSP member or equally another professional, a journalist or a patient perhaps that most deserves this one.

If there’s a network or a person that has made a big effort on behalf of physiotherapy, nominate them for one of the new awards here and before 15 November. To get more involved in championing physiotherapy and supporting the profession, find out about opportunities here.

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