Salad days

It must be really exciting to be embarking on a new career, particularly one that’s so highly regarded and fiercely competitive as physiotherapy.

This issue of Frontline will be going to students starting physio courses this autumn. I’m sure readers will remember that mix of anticipation and nervousness that goes with the first day on any course, not least one that could shape your future career.

Being part of the CSP is a huge benefit and professional anchor for anyone working in this field, whether in the NHS, private sector or in independent practice. It gives you the support of a professional body – and the security of being part of a trade union.

As a member, you have a variety of benefits: access to more than 30 clinical networks on the society’s website, through interactiveCSP; a personal copy of Frontline magazine; access to various courses and professional support, including the CSP library resources and website.

Just as importantly, as part of a trade union you can act with other CSP members locally to fight for services to be protected. Not just by arguing for the status quo, but by finding imaginative ways of improving and developing more efficient services. Our four-page feature, Rough Cuts, starting on page 20, demonstrates how, through the CSP, services have been saved and even improved upon.

Unions may feel like a thing of the past to those not around when Margaret Thatcher took on the miners and print workers. But it’s important to remember the power of acting collectively, particularly in difficult times.

The CSP, for example, recently managed to secure a temporary reprieve to a physio course in London which was threatened with closure halfway through the students’ training – a considerable victory for CSP members there.

As you embark on a new career, bear in mind the strength that being in the CSP brings.

Lynn Eaton Managing editor, Frontline

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