Roll on retirement!

Different aspects of retirement loom large in this issue of Frontline.

We examine the positive role that healthcare professionals can play after retirement, by campaigning for appropriate services for physiotherapy patients, and others.

On pages 24 to 27, you can read about – and perhaps be inspired by – the fantastic ‘can do’ approach that has led two feisty campaigners to continue their fight for good health provision well into their retirement.

Another article with retirement as its theme alerts us to the fact that many existing physiotherapists – whether in the NHS or working independently – face working to a much older age than in the past (‘In perspective’, page 22).  

We can thank recent changes to both the state and NHS pension age for this ‘opportunity’ to extend our working lives.

Under the current rules (which no doubt will change again over time) a physio born in 1992 faces having to work until he or she is 68 before receiving a state pension.

As Penny Bromley’s article points out, discussions are underway about how changes to the NHS pension will affect staff.

If you work in the NHS, don’t miss an important opportunity tell us what the changes will mean for you.

The chance to retire early (an option taken by so many in the 1990s) is no longer available to many in the NHS.

For some, mortgages have been extended beyond their initial term, while others have other additional drains on their resources.

Long-held dreams of reaching one’s 55th birthday and touring the world in a camper van have been extinguished.

So, how will your final years at work pan out? Will you be able to perform your physically demanding role as a ‘hands on’ physio in later years?

Will you need to talk to your employer about adapting the work you do in some way? Or maybe you’ll just make extra sure to buy a national lottery ticket!

No-one likes to think about getting older. But even if you’re only in your 20s or 30s, I hope this issue of Frontline will encourage you to think ahead.

It’s never too early to start planning!

Lynn Eaton (Ms) Managing editor, Frontline

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