In review: featured books and video apps

In review looks at our featured book titled 'Grieve’s Modern Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy' and the Person-Centred Dementia Care, 2nd edition, as well as two apps. 

Grieve’s Modern Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (4th edition) Gwendolen Jull, Ann Moore, Deborah Falla and Michele Sterling (eds) ISBN: 9780702051524

This book is summed up in the foreword from Karim Khan: ‘If you are a physiotherapist and you see patients of any age with musculoskeletal problems then this book is your best value investment, investment in the broad sense – a valuable way to use your time and cognitive effort.’
Professor Khan goes on to describe a book that contains 500,000 hours of experience that would take 250 years to acquire, with contributions from all the leading musculoskeletal (MSK) therapists. This list of revered contributors is so comprehensive, you can’t be anything but impressed. It’s a veritable 
‘who’s who’ of physiotherapy. 
As a humble lecturer of MSK topics, every piece of research or literature I refer to is accounted for in this book. Some topics are not theoretical approaches or concepts that I use, but their inclusion demonstrates the varied and comprehensive work that has pushed physiotherapy to the forefront of MSK care worldwide. 
Every chapter is comprehensive and is packed with the topical research findings that brings this latest edition of the series comprehensively up-to-date. Though it’s difficult to single out a particular chapter for attention. Peter O’Sullivan’s ground-breaking work in the development of the profession sits well in this account of the diverse world of physiotherapy today. Every chapter refers to the latest research and offers readers opportunities to make their own critical appraisals. 
I finish, as I started, with a quote from the foreword by Professor Khan: ‘If you teach at any level of a physiotherapy programme, this book will broaden your appreciation for your profession no matter how well trained you are. 
‘If you are a student, by definition passionate about health with a spirited love of life, you will find this book both a crutch and a ladder.’
  • Jay Cookson, spinal extended scope practitioner, University Hospitals Southampton NHS Trust 

Person-Centred Dementia Care: Making services better with the VIPS framework (2nd edition) Dawn Brooker and Isabelle Latham ISBN: 9781849056663

This new edition of a popular book shows how to provide care services that enable people to live well. It looks at working in a person-centred way from diagnosis to end-of-life care.

A Short Introduction to Understanding and Supporting Children with Eating Disorders Lucy Watson and Bryan Lask ISBN: 9781849056274

This easy-to-read guide presents all the vital information on anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, selective eating, and avoidant and restrictive intake disorders. Each eating disorder is clearly defined.

Intellectual Disability and Being Human: A care ethics model Chrissie Rogers ISBN: 9780415664585

The author sets out a care ethics model of disability that outlines the emotional caring sphere, the practical caring sphere and the socio-political caring sphere.  It does so by discussing issue-based everyday life, such as family and relationships

Mental Snapp 

Mental Snapp is a video app that enables mental health service users to tell their own stories by recording short video updates on their mental health. The videos can be used for personal reflection and mood monitoring, or shared with professionals. The developers are designing a prototype and say they would welcome feedback and input from service users and professionals.

Picturing Medicine 

Picturing medicine is a new, innovative app, designed to help clinicians keep key information close to hand by using visually associative and peculiar images. This approach has benefits: for example, visually associative images tend to stick more clearly in people’s minds and are more likely to offer rapid recall. 
  • Stuart Palma, professional adviser, CSP
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