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Treat Your Own Knees, The Nine Degrees Of Autism, Ann Bennett's blog and new app Train My Athlete.

Treat your own Knees: Jim Johnson

Put simply, this book does ‘exactly what it says on the tin’. It is a well-constructed and easy to read book, aimed at patients. A key message is that degeneration and structural abnormality do not equal pain and increasing activity and exercise is an effective way to impact on loss of function. 
The author states that ‘most pain is the result of loss of function and if the function is restored, pain will subside’. He breaks function into four components: strength; flexibility; proprioception; and stamina.
The components are defined in separate chapters with an explanation of exercises that will develop these topics. The suggested exercise programme is easy to follow and will encourage compliance. Some focus could have been given to a higher level of exercise to include a wider patient population, but this is only a small criticism. A complete weekly programme is set out in the appendices and is a good illustration of how a small amount of time may produce results if knee pain limits activity levels. This is a good aid to planning an exercise regime that will meet targets and enable exercising around a busy schedule. Guidance for progression and regression is also provided.
Issues surrounding symptomatic presentation and imaging findings are also highlighted, which must be considered an important inclusion to this type of text. Research is discussed in lay terms and despite slight issues regarding currency, provides explanation surrounding this difficult topic. Good analogies are used to show that structural abnormalities on radiological images do not always explain the reasons for pain or loss of function. The author describes ‘normal, abnormal findings’ and discusses basic principles of ageing and other factors that can lead to these types of radiological dilemmas.
This book provides good, simple advice to facilitate the self-management of a problem that affects many people. It would be a useful resource in physio departments to show to patients who would benefit from this type of approach.
  • Jay Cookson, ESP physio to neuro spinal service and orthopaedic knee team, Southampton General Hospital

The Nine Degrees of Autism: A developmental model for the alignment and reconciliation of hidden neurological conditions: Philip Wylie et al (eds)

According to the publishers, this book should be read by anyone who wants to understand the real nature and experience of autism and will also be essential reading for a range of professionals.

Overcoming Chronic Fatigue in Young People: A cognitive-behavioural self-help guide Katherine Rimes and Trudie Chalder

This book aims toi be an accessible and practical manual aimed at young people. Downloadable material is available online to support recovery. 

British Lung Foundation blog

An blog by retired physiotherapist Ann Bennett, outlining nine things that people with lung disease want you to know. Examples include ‘doing things take twice as long’ and ‘I have to plan everything.’ This powerful piece is a stark reminder of the impact lung disease has on everyday activities.
  • Carley King, CSP professional adviser

Grieve’s Modern Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (4th edition) Gwendolen Jull et al (eds)

This impressive-looking textbook claims to be the only one to cover the breath of musculoskeletal physiotherapy practice, bringing together the work and opinions of many researchers and clinicians. The Train My Athlete

App claims to be the ‘future of of elite training and rehabilitation’ and a ‘cutting edge platform that helps professionals connect with their clients.’ Physiostherapists and others in the training and rehabilitation field can give their clients daily summaries of their training and diet plans They can also swipe through their schedule to see what’s coming up next. 
  • Stuart Palma, CSP professional adviser

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