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Featured book Mentoring and Supervision in Healthcare (2nd Edition) Neil Gopee.

Mentoring and supervision is part of daily clinical activity in physiotherapy. Gopee’s book supports this practice. The format is well laid out, providing an accessible text to dip in and out of while developing mentorship skills. The book is divided into eight chapters and the early sections address the processes of learning before moving on to mentoring and supervision in the clinical setting. The later chapters focus on assessment, leadership and evaluation.
Despite the move towards interprofessional learning, there are still differences of opinion over the use of the terms mentoring and supervision but Gopee outlines early on how he is using them. The text is not specifically for allied health professionals though physiotherapy is referred to several times, but scenarios tend to lean on nursing examples.
Gopee offers applied learning; a theory or approach is introduced and then analysed before placing in a day-to-day mentoring context using ‘think points’ and ‘activity boxes’. The reader can then reflect on their own practice and apply it to the learning points identified.
Some references are now a little out of date. For example, the CSP (2002) Curriculum framework for qualifying programmes in physiotherapy has been withdrawn and replaced by Learning and development principles for CSP accreditation of qualifying programmes in physiotherapy. 
This should not, however, detract from the general principles in this book. 
The focus is on those new to mentoring either mentee, mentor or those teaching mentorship, though the book does offer the opportunity to long-standing mentors to reflect on their practice. The book may offer some new approaches to mentoring not previously considered. An introduction to coaching would have made a useful addition to this text. A third edition was published after this review was written.
  • Stephanie Best is a lecturer in healthcare management and leadership, Swansea University 

Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living: A new training programme to deepen mindfulness with heartfulness by Erik van den Brink and Frits Koster

The programme aims to present a new way of learning how to face the pressures of modern living.

Yoga Anatomy: An illustrated guide to the science of motion by Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones

This book aims to provide a definitive guide to the study of yoga anatomy – perhaps for yoga teachers or practitioners seeking to understand the biomechanics of the body as it applies to yoga practice. There are more than 230 full colour illustrations.

Human Kinetics, a US-based company with a UK office in Leeds, produces educational programmes and tools through, for example, Active Living Partners.   Aimed at health and fitness professionals as well as the general public, the web-based programmes are designed to help people adopt and maintain healthy habits. These include physical activity and balanced eating.

Writing Skills in Nursing and Healthcare: A guide to completing successful dissertations and theses by Dena Bain Taylor

This book guides the reader through the writing process for a dissertation, thesis or essay. Practical strategies and tips are offered throughout.

The Data Revolution: Big data, open data, data infrastructures and their consequences by Rob Kitchin

Writing in an accessible style, the author looks at the implications of the data revolution for academic, business and government practices.
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