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Sobering figures on outcomes for individuals with impairments

Data released last month by the Office for National Statistics demonstrates the stark disparity in outcomes for people with impairments compared to their non-disabled counterparts. It is clear that there are still barriers for people with impairments across education, employment, housing and social participation. CSP professional adviser Helen Harte said: ‘As physiotherapists we should be mindful of this imbalance in our thinking around health equity.’

Gait assessment 

NICE has developed a medtech innovation briefing (MIB) on GaitSmart assessment and vGym personalised exercise rehabilitation programme for people with gait and mobility issues.

Arthritis – NICE hails impact of new treatments 

A new report looks at the impact of NICE guidance on the treatment of arthritis. It shows that changes in medicines pricing have allowed NICE to recommend expanded access to transformative high-cost medicines, and that progress is being made in reducing the time between referral and starting treatment for people with inflammatory arthritis. CSP consultant network group member Chris Mercer said: ‘This shows how we are continuing to work with NICE in the development of toolkits to support implementation of evidence-based practice that is supported by data and guided by lived experience partner experiences.’

Updated CSP guidance and resources on long Covid 

Members can access our updated rehabilitation standards for patients with long Covid, along with guidance about long Covid and employment issues – including how employers can help support those with long Covid in their return to work, useful information about the CSP Members Benevolent Fund and a selection of Frontline articles on long Covid.

Your societies – university SU websites

If you’re a student and you’re not a member of your university physiotherapy society then we recommend signing up! They are a great source of additional content you won’t necessarily get access to as part of the set curriculum.

They may also put on extra CPD activities such as taping and massage courses at subsidised rates. On top of this they are a great source of networking and support both with students at your university in different years and with students in different physio societies across the UK.

If your university doesn’t yet have a society get in contact with the CSP and we can try and pair you with a university that has an established society and can give you some advice with setting your own up.

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