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Resources FL May 2024

AHP roles

An IMPACT vision for the next five years in Northern Ireland has been launched. Find out more about AHP roles and read the full vision document titled Allied Health Professions - Policy and Guidance Documents.

Guides for autism

Video guides to help autistic people understand health and social care appointments have been produced by Autism Bedfordshire.

Patient experience

Keep up to speed with the latest and best evidence on patient experience and patient/public involvement at The Patient Experience Library

Career skills

If you come across any resources and tools you would like to share with other clinicians please send them to

A new book, Essential Skills for Physiotherapists: A Personal and Professional Development Framework, is available for pre-order at Elsevier. The book explores the soft skills that advance clinical excellence and professional development for physiotherapists at any stage of their career.

Women’s health library

The Royal College of General Practitioners women’s health library provides educational resources and guidelines on women’s health that are relevant to primary healthcare professionals.

Disabled learners

The CSP has published information and guidance on supporting disabled learners for physiotherapy educators in higher education institutions, practice education and for learners. 

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