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Resources for March 2024

Anatomy flash cards

A product to help students refresh their muscle anatomy has been created by CSP member James Colvert. ‘When I was studying, I noticed that learning and memory retention was far more enjoyable and effective when I could interact with my fellow cohort. Suddenly it didn’t feel like studying for exams but instead just having fun with friends,’ he says. ‘The game also enables active recall learning.’ 

Greener AHPs

The care delivered by healthcare professionals can often add to greenhouse gas emissions. Greener Allied Health Professions Week takes place from 22-26 April.  You can view the event schedule here

Mental health and physical activity 

If you come across any resources and tools you would like to share with other clinicians please send them to

A toolkit from Mind is made up of different guides and aims to increase the knowledge and skills of physical activity providers when it comes to mental health. It’ll help you to better support and engage people experiencing mental health problems in physical activity.

COPD rehab

NICE’s medical technologies advisory committee has recommended two digital technologies – myCOPD and SPACE for COPD – to deliver pulmonary rehabilitation which are exercise and education programmes for people with COPD.  

World Physiotherapy Congress 2025

The bi-annual event takes place in Japan on 29-31 May 2025. Take a look at the preliminary information and start planning your journey to join your international colleagues in Tokyo. The call for focused symposia closes on 25 April with an online drop-in session on 6 March at noon. 

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