Researcher wins £1.7 million funding

Sallie Lamb, professor of rehabilitation at the University of Warwick (pictured left), has been awarded £1.7 million to fund research into physical activity programmes for people with dementia.

She received the funding through the National Institute for Health Research’s (NIHR) Health Technology Programme.

Professor Lamb has also been named as one of the NIHR’s 55 senior investigators. Her award will help to finance research into gerontology and musculoskeletal innovations – including studies into the benefits of physical activity for people living in the community with mild to moderate dementia.

‘I feel very pleased to have received this award and I look forward to the opportunity to shape and contribute to the research agenda of the NHS, and in particular the role of physiotherapists in that activity,’ said Professor Lamb.

‘The dementia and physical activity project is one of several trials which we are working on. These include trials of cognitive behavioural therapy for low back pain, interventions for whiplash, an evaluation of interventions to preventing falling,
exercise for scoliosis and exercise for the management of rheumatoid arthritis of the hand.’

As an NIHR senior investigator, Professor Lamb is considered to have made an outstanding contribution to the field of patient-centred research in the NHS.

NIHR awards promote independent research into the effectiveness of various healthcare treatments and tests for those who use, manage and provide care in the NHS.

The NIHR is also funding new research into the effectiveness of tailor-made exercise programmes for young people with depression.

The Help Enable Active Lifestyles Towards Health (HEALTH) study is being carried out by a research team from the University of Nottingham’s school of nursing, midwifery and physiotherapy.

The team received £250,000 from the NIHR and will complete the project by the end of 2014.

  • For details of the HEALTH project, visit: and put ‘nmpresearch health’ into the search box.

Robert Millett

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