Put yourself forward and celebrate achievements

How physiotherapy is a key part of a multi-professional award winning wellbeing programme

Alice Clevely co leads the rapid access physiotherapy part of the team

Two and a half years ago I took a secondment from my rotational band five post in a large acute trust to start a six-month project to help staff members with musculoskeletal problems, as part of a larger wellbeing drive. Little did I realise that the wellbeing project would be as successful as it has been after winning an NHS parliamentary award last month.

Prevention/reduction of sickness absence is estimated to have saved over £300,000 for the trust

I think the key aspect of the project that has led to its success is the huge number of people that have contributed. The collaborative effort between the physiotherapy department I work for at the North Bristol NHS Trust, the Avon Occupational Health Partnership and HR has led to the development of a robust and effective system to ensure staff are spoken to and seen in under three weeks in most cases. With our NHS waiting list being several months, staff having rapid access to the service has been key to helping with recovery and prevention/reduction of sickness absence, estimated to have saved over £300,000 for the trust.

On a personal level there are two elements which have helped me to develop the service to where it is now. Firstly, the use of Twitter has been hugely instrumental in networking with other professionals and for effectively promoting the service. 

Secondly I have been able to directly use my knowledge and skills as a CSP health and safety representative in my role. You can listen to me speak about the role.

It was an honour to attend parliament and receive recognition for two year’s of work. 

Throughout the UK and the world there are many physios who are waiting to have their work celebrated.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself forward and celebrate your achievements. The more we show the difference physiotherapy can make, the more decision makers will realise how important it is to invest in therapies.

  • Alice Clevely co leads the rapid access physiotherapy part of the team

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