Professional identity and new ways of working

‘How can my professional identity evolve with new ways of working?’

Jane Mitchell
Jane Mitchell is a CSP professional adviser

The world of health and social care provision is constantly evolving. 

With integrated care systems and limited resources there is a greater requirement for the sharing of knowledge and skills in order to provide quality services for best value.

Systems are looking at supporting patient care by having less feet ‘going down the garden path’ to provide high-quality effective input to patients. This requires physiotherapists to be clear on their specialist physiotherapy skills, but also to be open and confident enough to teach more generic skills to others while also learning new skills. It can improve the patient experience when one clinician can solve multiple challenges for the person in order to most effectively meet their needs.

This might be a physiotherapist taking a temperature or doing a pressure assessment or a nurse looking at a patient’s mobility, for example. Team working is key and not just within our own profession. 

Members report fearing a loss of professional identity but this is an opportunity to share skills and develop new ones, all within the scope of practice, and support the health and wellbeing of the populations we serve. However, it is key that physios are clear and strong about what the profession offers. where it excels, and where we can drive clinical care.

What are the skills that you as a physiotherapist can offer to your multidisciplinary team? What new skills can you learn to support your colleagues improving the offer to your patients? What can you teach others to do in a safe and effective way while still maintaining professional identity? This change is happening in all aspects of health and social care, whichever country, region or organisation you work in. Think about how you can influence positive change and be part of the solution, while remaining confident in what you can offer as a physiotherapist. 

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